My journeys and travels while summer holidays!

Hey guys! 
I thought it would be interesting for you to show you where I travelled while summer holidays. Now almost 5 of 6 weeks are passed and I can say that those holidays have been the most incredible ones of my life. Im gonna write little captions under the collages for explaining where I was etc. I hope you like it!
So for the first 2 weeks I was at the Baltic Sea in the near of Warnemünde. My whole family was with me, so we  booked a house in the near of the sea. The water was so clear and refreshing! It was nice to just chill the whole day at the beach and enjoy the warm sun, the sand and the salty air. The weather was surprisingly also good, 28 degrees celcius all time. Another nice fact about this journey was that I've spended a lot time with my two half brothers. All in all it was one of the most beautifullest family journeys.

I came back home in the third week of summer holidays. I met friends, had some little partys and shooted with Johanna. I also planed my fourth week and worked a bit on my Blog. On Friday morning I lefted saxony.

After 6 hours of driving in a Bus I reached Frankfurt (Main). I visited some friends and later travelled to Weinheim where some friends of my parents are having a little Town house. It has a cute rooftop and a lot of white furniture and old stuff. 

So here in Weinheim I finally had the opportunity to work on my Blog on a big widescreen iMac. I also relaxed on the rooftop and readed so many books. In Weinheim you can find so many beautiful little cafes, i used that every morning.

When I visited Weinheim there was the Kerwe, its a very big celebration from the city. And because Weinheim has all those little streets it was very cozy and familiar.

I also visited Mannheim which is a really beautiful city for visiting historical buildings but also for just shopping and watching other people while walking in little cafes.

After my time in Mannheim, Frankfurt & Weinheim I travelled to Berlin to visit some friends. The first night I stayed at my aunts house and on the next evening I had a meet up with Johanna und some other friends because they also were randomly in Berlin for just one day. So we went shopping and out for diner. 

The following days I lived at Paulas Appartement in Berlin Prenzlau. Its such a beautiful district, its in the middle of Berlin. We had some little partys, went dining, shopping or just chilling with some other friends.

I came back on Sunday and directly had the next Party at Tinas Garden because Johanna turned 16. It was a great opportunity to see all my friends after such a long time and talk about all the happened things. So now I'm having 1 1/2 week till school starts again and there are some more exiting things on my ToDo list, we will see.


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