Live in L E V I S !

Hello guys und welcome back to my Blog!
I finally back in business with this blogging thing and I'm pretty exited to see how far I'm going to take it. My motivation has a special background because I'm gonna fly to America in 3 weeks and I wanna take tons of Outfits Post in the land of all possibilities. So lots of stuff is coming to you + in the next few days I'm gonna upload a new Video project of mine, showing my special moments when I'm outside or with my family n' friends etc. (
So new let's talk about my Outfit, the signature piece is this old Levis Jacket I got in an 2nd Hand Store in Berlin, did I already told you that I love 2nd Hand Stores ? I adore the brown and grey vibes in it. Thats the reason why the colors can be found on my whole Outfit. I really hope you like it + please give me a little opinion in the comments for me to know if you like it!
Jacket - Levis // Shoes - Converse // Jeans - Bershka Collection // Pullover - Zara // Sweater - H&M
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