Sunday, the day I hate & love at the same time.

Hello guys!
Today I wanna talk about one topic I experience every week, its all about sunday. I love sundays so much, you can just relax, drink tea, watch movies, sleep till lunch und enjoy lots of coffee. But then there's this moment where you realise that homework's are still to do and then you realize that you have to learn for tons of exams. So you start learning and doing all you're stuff and after one or two hours you're wondering if its even worth or sense full  because you feel like nothing has any sense. So now you decide stopping doing anything and just start sleeping and watching movies on TV till midnight. At the next moring you realise that you're life is like hell, you have to hurry and you're grades in school are going down like me without any food, does this make even sense ? lol. I hope you like these pics from my positive site on sundays.
See ya, Erik.


  1. Ich liebe solche Bilder im Bett einfach! Deine sind super! (Wie immer natürlich!) :D ich persönlich hasse Sonntage, weil ich immer am Abend merke, was ich noch machen muss für die nächste Woche :(

    1. Vielen lieben Dank! haha mir geht es halt genauso, ich glaube es geht allen so hehe.


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