Got them Doc's ! | grey and black

Hi guys! I made it to post a second look this week so it makes me a bit proud hehe. We had a free day in Germany today and we were spending it just doing homework's and learning for tomorrow's math exam. The weather was very windy and rainy so it was no problem for us or rather easier to learn with ugly weather then good weather. The latest news about the newest attacks of the IS were also a shocking thing for me today, I can't believe how stupid people can be. 
But let's move to the Outfit, I though of combining grey and black together, normally I'm only wearing black so that was something new to me, lol. I also got new shoes, DR. MARTENS! I totally adore them and got'em in black frosted color. 
I hope you like the Outfit, please let me know what you think in the comments below.
See ya, Erik.
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