Conquering the cold days with color! (ENG)

Anzeige - Normally I feel like my style has changed from being super sporty and more „ street stylish “ to rather being more chic and casual. But on some days I feel like the „old“ Erik has to come back for a few hours concerning my style so on this rainy Berlin day I felt like I need some color in my daily life. 
Theres really nothing more comfortable than sneakers and jogging pants and a huge sweater combined with a puffer jacket. The look itself is super easy but because of the different colors its definitely something special. Wearing color makes me happy on those cloudy days so I can only recommend it to you! 

Shop the look:

By there way, these Adidas Joggers are my favorite pants of all time, I own them in around 4 colors and they are perfect for traveling, grocery shopping or a little Sunday still with you beloved ones. 

Pictures by Jeremy Möller 

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